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Property in Basilicata

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Situated between the emerging Calabria, the olive groves of Puglia and the region of Campania, known for its famous Amalfi coast, Basilicata and Basilicata property are often overlooked by the tourist guidebooks and Italy real estate investors. However, Italian tourists are well aware of its welcoming charms.

The region has two small but exquisite stretches of coastline, one facing the Tyrrhenian Sea to the west and the other facing the Ionian Sea to the east. Anyone who has been to Basilicata or perhaps considered buying a Basilicata property will have heard of the exclusive resort of Maratea, one of the jewels of the Tyrrhenian coast.

Maratea has a lovely harbour that is full of private yachts and boats. It also home to some of southern Italy’s most pristine shores and waters that have frequently seen it win the Blue Flag international award. The sandy beaches and little alcoves in-between rocks are ideal spots for boats looking for tranquil areas to moor and enjoy the sun and sea. But Maratea also has the welcoming ambience of an ancient village, with its fishing port, narrow alleyways and old palazzi and white town houses of the old town.

The view from this pretty charming town extends as far as the coast of Calabria and the island of Dino to the bay of Policastro, part of Cilento National Park in Campania.

If you buy your Basilicata property in Maratea, you will find everything you need close by. Just two miles away is Sapri rail station, on the main rail line linking the south of Italy to the north of Italy. From Sapri, regular ferries also run to the Amalfi Coast, Salerno and Naples. Charming restaurants, trendy cafes, bars and shops can all be found in Maratea.

The region is also home to mountains, olive groves, medieval castles and charming old towns. In Matera, visitors can see sassi, a unique type of property in Basilicata in which houses and churches are hewn from the tufo rock. The region’s hinterland is not as busy and many investors in Basilicata property opt one of the numerous abandoned farmhouses set in vast swathes of land that need restoration and can be picked up fairly cheaply.

The Ionian coast of Basilicata is less tourist-orientated than the Tyrrhenian shore. But it is full of charming places to visit such as Metaponto, founded by the Greeks in the eighth century BC. Here, one can still see Greek columns and amphitheatres surrounded by vineyards. Metaponto also has a lovely sandy beach.

Nearby is Scanzano Ionico, which is also a lovely sea resort that has developed in recent years and which offers beautiful landscapes with orange groves, strawberry fields, old palazzi and beaches with sunbathing facilities.

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