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Property in Calabria

Affordable beach homes ● 500-mile coastline ● 3 airports ● 3 national parks

Many investors in Calabria real estate have been lured by its beaches in resorts such as Tropea, Diamante and Parghelia. However, as anyone who has bought property in Calabria or even just visited here will know, there is more to this scenic region than just its welcoming sandy beaches and its stunning blue seas – the Tyrrhenian on the west side and the Ionian on the east.

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Calabria boasts a rugged physical beauty that sets it apart not just from other parts of southern Italy but indeed the country as a whole.

Away from the coastal Calabria properties that attract thousands of foreign buyers looking for homes for sale in Italy, that rugged beauty is best seen in the region’s hinterlands, home to craggy mountains, rolling hills and sprawling plateaux. Calabria boasts three national parks, Il Pollino to the north, Aspromonte to the south and La Sila in between.

The south of the region, the so-called Calabria Riviera, is where the Calabria property hunters flock. But there are also understated delights further up the west coast in scenic beach resorts such as Diamante and Paola.

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