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Real estate in Le Marche, Italy

● 100-mile Adriatic coastline ● International airport ● Charming market towns

People interested in buying Le Marche real estate tend to be drawn by the allure of true, unspoilt Italy. Le Marche lies on Italy’s eastern, Adriatic shore and boasts 100 miles of coastline. Along with Tuscany and Umbria it is the third region that makes up Italy’s central belt.

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Holidaymakers in the main are attracted by its array of stunning beaches. But visitors who come here to view houses for sale in Le Marche or other Le Marche real estate find the region has so much more to offer than just sea and sand.

Le Marche – or just "Marches" to the English-speaking outside world – may not be among the best known regions of Italy but it has made a rich contribution to Italy's cultural landscape. It was the birthplaceof the education expert Maria Montessori as well as the famed 19th century writer Giacomo Leopardi.

A large proportion of foreign visitors may arrive here via Ancona, on the coast. Ancona, Le Marche's administrative capital, is home to the region's international airport and is also one of Italy's main ferry ports, with regular services to Croatia, Turkey and Greece. There is also a second international airport in Pescara, Abruzzo, some 90 minutes along the coast to the south.

Ancona is just one of Le Marche's charming main towns. Notable among the others are:
Urbino, a picturesque Renaissance-era hilltown with stunning 15th century architecture.
Ascoli Piceno, also known as the "City of Travertine" after the honey-coloured limestone from which most of its buildings are made. It also has a travertine-paved main square that ranks among Italy's most beguiling.
Macerata, famed for its annual outdoor opera festival.
Pesaro, a charming seaside resort and fishing port.

There are scenic fishing villages such as San Benedetto del Tronto. But venture inland and Le Marche reveals itself to be full of wonderfully preserved villages, an Italy unspoilt by the ravages of mass tourism. It is in these welcoming towns and villages that many foreigners looking for homes for sale in Italy finally find the Le Marche property of their dreams.

The region is a nature lover’s delight. The Apennine mountains form a natural border to the west. The Sibylline Mountains National Park houses the 25-mile mountain range whose peaks are often covered in snow until April and form a spectacular backdrop to large swathes of southern Le Marche.

And there are also the magnificent Frasassi limestone caves as well as Mount Catria, which towers over Urbino and offers spectacular views. Just some of the many reasons why people who choose to buy Le Marche property never regret it.

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