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Property in Molise

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Molise shares many of the attractions of Abruzzo, its neighbour to the north. In fact until 1963 Molise was a part of Abruzzo. It is a tiny, 550sq mile region with a 22-mile coastline along the Adriatic Sea. But Italy’s newest region is arguably one of its least celebrated, attracting just 350,000 Italian and 15,000 foreign visitors a year.

Molise real estate is therefore very affordable and anyone keen on entering the property in Italy market would be wise to invest here before the rest of the world wakes up to its potential.

For this is natural Italy, far from the madding crowds, where Old Italy still holds sway, in its community life, its quiet unhurried villages and its old-fashion craftsmanship that makes it one of Italy’s major producers of church bells.

Anyone buying Molise real estate is buying a home surrounded by a glorious, unspoilt landscape. Molise houses six nature reserves and two of Italy’s four Unesco biosphere sites. The region’s official leaflets proudly proclaim it “The Clean Heart of Italy”, a nod to Umbria’s slogan “The Green Heart of Italy”.

Its capital, Campobasso, is a charming warren of stepped streets, alleys and charming Molise property, joyously free of the throngs of foreign visitors that usually choke Italy’s medieval centres. It has a 15th century Monforte castle, the heart of the old town that sits on a hill, overlooking the new town below. Many buildings in the city were rebuilt after damage in World War II and were made earthquake-resistant.

Then there is Molise’s second city, Isernia. It too had to be substantially rebuilt after the war. Its major attractions include its numerous churches including its cathedral, the 14th century Fontana Fraterna Fountain and a spa on the outskirts of the town. Isernia is an ancient town, once the capital city of the Samnite civilisation. Today it is a provincial capital with thriving stonework and embroidery industries.

The beaches of Termoli, Molise’s largest seaside resort, are popular with locals and other Italians. If you are here to visit or look for property for sale in Molise, take a ferry trip from Termoli to the three Tremiti islands, 15 miles offshore. Termoli is also a busy fishing port and therefore an excellent place in which to sample freshly-caught seafood. The town is also home to the 12th century Swabian Castle while its old cathedral houses two martyrs’ remains.

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