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Houses in Italy by the sea

What could be more idyllic than waking up to the sound of waves lapping on the beach just yards from your window? At Homes and Villas Abroad we have a stunning range of houses for sale in Italy by the sea. With Italy boasting nearly 5,000 miles of scenic coastline, you’ll be spoilt for choice…

Cinque Terre Immobiliare
La Ciaccia
 DMF Immobiliare Positano
Fontane Bianchi Real Estate

9-bedroom seafront villa in Italy, Liguria
Sea-view home in Abruzzo
2-bedroom home near sea in Calabria
Beachfront home in Italy

2 beds, Abruzzo

2 beds, Calabria

Waterfront property in Praiano, Italy
Sea view home in Sicily
2-bedroom sea-view property
Amalfi Coast Italy

Amalfi Coast

4-bedroom seafront villa in Sicily, Italy
Seafront real estate Amalfi Coast Italy
New apartments for sale near beach in Italy, Tuscany
New beach apartments in Italy, Liguria

4 beds, 5 acres

Marina waterfront development in Tuscany, Italy
Sea-view property for sale in Italy
3-bedroom villa for sale Praiano

2 beds, terrace


Nearly 20% off

Apartment with pool, tennis court
Sea-view home  for sale, Sardinia, Italy
3-bedroom sea-view home in Italy, Liguria
New-build waterfront apartments to buy in Italy, Liguria

Pool, tennis court

There has been a steadily increasing demand for houses for sale in Italy by the sea. And that is perhaps little wonder, given that of Italy’s 20 regions, all but five – Aosta Valley, Lombardy, Piedmont, Trentino Alto Adige and Umbria – boast a coastline, taking in everything from spectacular rocky cliffs in places such as north-west Sardinia to long, sandy beaches in areas too numerous to mention. 

Sicily and Sardinia are the two largest islands in the Mediterranean. Sicily boasts resorts such as Taormina in the east and Cefalu and Castellammare del Golfo on the northern coast. Meanwhile, Sardinia has more beaches per mile than any other part of Italy.

And Sardinia’s most sought-after stretch of coast is the Costa Smeralda in the north-east, which since being redeveloped in the early 1960s has grown to become a magnet for wealthy holidaymakers and property investors. Naturally, it is also home to some of the most spectacular and luxurious sea-view homes for sale in Italy.

The heart of the Costa Smeralda is Porto Cervo, which is home to a stunning marina and a dazzling array of luxury hotels, upmarket bars and restaurants and designer boutiques. A few miles to the north lies the island of La Maddalena, which hosted the 2009 G8 conference and is part of an archipelago of nearly 50 large and small islands noted for the unspoilt beauty of their beaches.

Back on the mainland, Tuscany remains Italy’s favourite region among foreign buyers and visitors. Resorts such as Forte dei Marmi and Viareggio on its northern shores, and Follonica and Punta Ala to the south of the region, are always popular bets for people looking for typically Italian properties near the sea. villas for sale on the Tuscany coast. 

There is also Abruzzo, with its 100 miles of coast overlooking the Adriatic sea. In addition to properties close to the sea, Abruzzo also offers ski resorts and two major national parks.

If its affordability you’re after, some of the cheapest houses for sale in Italy by the sea are to be found in Calabria, which has both a western, Tyrhennian coast and another, to the east, overlooking the Ionian Sea. The resort of Scalea is probably the ideal place to start if you are purchasing a home in Italy near the beach but want to keep an eye on costs. In this sun-drenched corner of Italy, a restored apartment within walking distance of the beach and the town centre – and maybe even with a sea-view – can start from less than €30,000.

In addition, there is the allure of Italy’s glorious sea resorts. In 2010 recent years, no fewer than 225 beaches and 60 marinas were awarded the prestigious Blue Flag award in tribute to their pristine waters. Top of the list was Tuscany, with 18 beaches, closely followed by Liguria with 17 and Le Marche, 16.


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